The following excerpts are from unsolicited e-mails and letters:-
  • From a client in a Mediation that I had conducted:

Robby: We had a 5-year expensive and painful fight.  Last Thursday, you mediated, and caused to settle our differences.  You did the impossible.  Thank you.

  • From counsel in an Estates Law Mediation that I had conducted recently:

I wish you did family law mediation.

  • From counsel after she had received my invoice in respect of a complex and very emotional Mediation:

Thank you for your assistance, Robby.  It was a pleasure working with you.

  • From two self-represented Defendants in a dispute that had been going on for 10 years, which I helped them and the Plaintiff (with counsel) to settle in three hours:

Thank you for everything.  We sincerely appreciate your help.  Thanks for making the experience less overwhelming.

  • From a participant in a Mediation that I had conducted:

You clearly have a talent; you are able to bring people together as opposed to driving them further apart. You drive compromise.  Your talent is so important.  Have you thought of running for political office?  We need this talent in our leaders.

  • From a Judge of the New Zealand Court of Appeal:

I write to say that I have been consulting the third edition of your excellent book in connection with a defective building case.  New Zealand draws no bright lines around economic loss, but it remains a mostly inarticulate consideration when it comes to the scope of a duty of care.  The text is obviously a labour of love, and an exceptionally valuable resource.

  • From a lawyer, one day after a Mediation:

Mr. Bernstein, thank you for your excellent services!

  • From a very senior lawyer, on the day after a Mediation:
Hi Robby:

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciated your work during the mediation process on Wednesday the 28th  of August, 2013.  I happen to have a certificate in “Negotiation and Mediation in Legal Disputes” from the Centre of Conflict Resolution Studies in UPEI.  I very much appreciated your opening remarks and your serious efforts to help the parties.  As we know, the desired settlement could not occur.  That outcome, however, did not reflect on your abilities and approach; and I simply wish to acknowledge your interest and effort on behalf of us all.

  • From an academic in South Africa, upon receiving my new Book, Economic Loss, 3rd edition, two Volumes, 2,717 pages, published on 24 July 2013:

I have just received my copy of the third edition of Economic Loss (purchased from, and I am writing to congratulate you on its publication. Though I have not yet had an opportunity to delve into the new edition in any detail, the work looks most impressive, and the preface (which is all that I have read of it as yet) is very entertaining.

  • From a barrister in Australia, upon receiving my new Book, Economic Loss, 3rd edition, two Volumes, 2717 pages, published on 24 July 2013:
I have just opened it - it is a very sexy looking piece of work - congratulations.
  • From a very senior lawyer, on the day of a concluded Mediation:

Dear Robby,  I am very impressed by how you managed to settle this case after the parties had fought over it for more than 5 years with no sign of relief.  You are the most effective Mediator that I have met in my practice.

  • From a lawyer, upon receiving my invoice for a Mediation:
Good morning Robby. It was really a pleasure to work with you. I have submitted your account for payment.
  • From a lawyer, upon receiving my invoice for a Mediation:

Thank you.  Again, you made an excellent first impression with [DT], a 20 year adjuster at Zurich

  • From a lawyer for whom I conducted a Mediation:
You are a fine mediator and a very bright guy. We need more like you.
  • From a lawyer after the conclusion of a Mediation:
Dear Robby:

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in settling what was a very difficult case at our recent mediation. I have never had a mediator who has worked as hard at getting the parties to reach a settlement.

  • From counsel following a Mediation that I had conducted the day before:

Robby, I thought you did a great job yesterday. And a special thanks for your kind words to [Michael]; it meant a lot to him.

  • From a lawyer after I had acknowledged receipt of his cheque for my Bill for a Mediation:
Thanks Robby. I think you did a great job.
  • From a litigant-in-person after the conclusion of a Mediation:
Thanks Robby. It was a pleasure meeting you, even if you are a lawyer.
  • From a Partner I know in a Firm for which I had recently conducted a Mediation:

[XYZ] said she thought you did a terrific job as a mediator on one or her cases. She was very impressed with your skills.

  • From a lawyer a couple of days after the conclusion of a Mediation:
Good morning Robby.

It was a pleasure working with you this week. Thank you again for your assistance in reaching a satisfactory resolution for our client.

  • From a client to a referring lawyer, who shared this with me:

Your friend Robby Bernstein is a "mensch" in every sense of the word.  He told either my daughter or son-in-law that, instead of paying him fees of $400.00 an hour, they should contact a certain plumber who might be able to rectify their problem.  My daughter duly did so and, for $400.00, the plumber solved their problem.  So the moral of the story is.....if you want a plumber......consult a lawyer.

  • From a client whose case I settled at a Mediation:

I cannot believe how relieved I feel today after yesterday's mediation.  I want to thank you for the brilliant job you did for me.  You know exactly what to say and when to say it and are excellent at judging people.  I cannot imagine having been on my own with those aggressive jerks.  I probably would have walked out.

  • From a lawyer after the conclusion of a Mediation:
Dear Robby,

I mentioned how effective you were as a mediator to a number of my colleagues. Hopefully that will lead to some more work for you.

  • From a client to a referring lawyer:
I am writing to thank you for assigning Mr. Robby Bernstein to my case.

The defendants were very ably represented by their individual counsel, who were very obstinate right to the very end.

Mr. Bernstein immersed himself in my case and presented the salient facts concisely to the judge at the pre-trial.  As a result, the judge had no difficulty in finding the defendants at fault.  Mr. Bernstein had the further task of getting the other parties to agree to pay a somewhat reasonable sum.

I expressed my thanks personally to Mr. Bernstein at the pre-trial, but I am writing to you to thank you for selecting him to represent me.

  • From a Partner in a referring law firm whose client’s case I had just settled:
Terrific. Exactly the type of practical outcome we had discussed. From a prospective client who was referred to me:
Hi Robby,

Thank you again for your time today. Prior to talking with you, I had resigned myself to bankruptcy as a likely outcome. You gave me some valuable insight on how to proceed with my problem, and I really appreciate your effort in helping me fully understand the central principle, with which to approach [XYZ Corporation]. As well, legal issues aside, I enjoyed chatting with you. No offense, but you are very unlawyer-like.

  • From a referring lawyer when I opened my solo practice:
Robby, I wish you all the best in your new practice.

I had occasion today to recall to one of my partners how hard you worked to produce accurate and persuasive materials in the [XYZ] case in a very tight time frame.  A lot of lawyers can only talk about how hard they work.

  • From a client whose case I had just settled:
Dear Robby,

May I reiterate how grateful and appreciative I am of your superb and dedicated work in this matter.  It is a tremendous relief that we reached such a positive outcome.  Your thoroughness and attention to all the details concerning the Pension Plan and the support order issues was outstanding.

I truly appreciate all the hard and intense work you did on our behalf.
  • From one Partner in a referring law firm to another Partner in that Firm:
Subject: Robby Bernstein Update The clients love him!
  • From opposing counsel in litigation that I brought to a settlement:
Many thanks for your assistance in getting the matter resolved. Regards,
  • From the Managing Partner of Goodman & Carr to the whole Firm:
Kudos to Robby Bernstein

Robby (after a lot of blood, sweat and tears) has received on behalf of a client an arbitration award from former Court of Appeal Justice Sydney Robins of approximately $2.5 million [US] dollars plus costs. The matter has been hard fought over a number of years and both client and Robby are ecstatic.

  • From a client:
Robby, Thank you for working late and for your constant attention to details.
  • From a client on receiving a long Affidavit that I had drafted for him:


Truly a masterful summary and account of the information.  Sad that you had to spend so much time on this.

  • From a client whose case I had just won following an Arbitration hearing in New York:
Subject: Heard the great news Dear Robby,

Great job.  I wanted to thank you for your hard work on this case and on your expert tactics to make us win.

Again ...well done!
  • From a referring lawyer upon being told that I had just settled her client’s case:

Wonderful Robby.  Thanks.  Had actually heard.  Appreciate your dealing with what I know was not an easy situation for a number of reasons.

  • From a client on the day after a Decision in Court:

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work done yesterday by Robby.  Hopefully there will be no appeals by the other side.  Again, thanks for the work done by your team.

  • From a client in a litigation matter after he had received my draft Bill up to a certain stage in the litigation:
Thank you very much, Robby. This is great client service, and is definitely appreciated.
  • From a witness in an Arbitration hearing where I was counsel for one of the Parties:
Dear Robby:

I have greatly enjoyed meeting you and discussing the referenced Arbitration case with you.  It is always a pleasure to converse with someone so knowledgeable in matters of law and learn how they are going to approach a case.  You are quite the professional and gentleman, which I believe will have some bearing on how the Arbitrator views the facts of this case.

  • From three witnesses whom I represented in a prosecution relating to an incident at their employer’s Christmas party:

I would especially like to thank you, Robby, for all your support, guidance and expertise during the entire process. It’s safe to say I was more than nervous about everything, and it meant a lot to me to have you in my corner.

Dear Robby: Thank you for all of your assistance. It was quite an experience and I appreciated having you prepare me for it, as it made the whole process a little less scary!

Thank you Robby; it was a pleasure working with you.
  • From a  Partner in Goodman & Carr whose father-in-law’s case I had just settled:

Robby, thank you very much for letting me know, and I just wanted to thank you very much for all your assistance on this file.

I know that both of my in-laws were ecstatic with your advice and with your service, as was I, and also with your patience, which I know from time to time was sorely tested, and I am very grateful to you for the manner in which you dealt with my in-laws in the most respectful and sensitive way.

I just want you to know that I appreciate it very much, as do my in-laws.  I was able to see how it worked from the inside and I know how difficult it is to deal with these types of situations and, again, I wanted to thank you.

  • From a reader of my Book, Economic Loss:
Dear Robby

I am a solicitor with Minter Ellison in Australia specialising in construction disputes.  I am particularly interested in pure economic loss issues.

I would like to record to you how valued your Economic Loss book is to me.  Is there a third edition underway?

Anyway, thanks again for what is a tremendously valuable tool.
  • From a Partner in Goodman & Carr:

I used your textbook last evening.  It is excellent.  Congratulations and thank you for the references.

  • From a very senior QC in Northern Ireland:

I have found the second edition of great assistance in my practice. I look forward immensely to the publication of the third edition.