Goodman and Carr shutting down

Posted AT 1:23 PM EDT ON 14/03/07

Goodman and Carr shutting down


Globe and Mail Update


Mid-sized Toronto law firm Goodman and Carr LLP is closing its doors after its partners voted Tuesday night to wind down a partnership that has been rocked by defections and failed merger talks. Steve Watson, a business and financing law specialist, has been appointed as the partner in charge of winding up the 42-year-old firm. He said in an interview the vote was prompted by Goodman and Carr’s struggle to hire and retain lawyers after months of uncertainty about the firm’s future. Goodman and Carr currently has about 90 lawyers. Last month, Chicago-based law firm Baker & McKenzie ended merger discussions with Goodman and Carr after the U.S. firm’s partners decided they did not want to expand in the Toronto legal market. Mr. Watson declined to discuss details of Goodman and Carr’s merger talks with other firms.